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    QIGU Introduction

    Taizhou QiGu Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.


    Taizhou Qi Gu Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a branch of Yuhuan Fang Bo Machinery Co., Ltd. It is an emerging high-tech enterprise specialized in "Servo electric cylinder and electric servo system" as the main management body, integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. The company strives for the closest service for its customers under the guidance of professional team, in line with the operation philosophy of survival through quality and development through honest operation.

    As a new electromechanical integration product, servo electric cylinder and electric servo system are favored and recognized by more and more enterprises and scientific research departments for their energy saving, low noise, good environment, low maintenance cost, excellent controllability and stability. We not only provide customers with high-quality electric cylinder products, but also can provide perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, professional technical support and continuous innovation of research and development concept. We will take the customer's satisfaction as the goals, and Qigu automation will provide you with the "most in line with application" solution.

    Main products: Servo electric cylinder, multi-free platform, cinema integration, dynamic game simulator, single-axis and multi-axis manipulator.

    Widely used: Aerospace and aviation experimental testing, multi degree of freedom of VR simulation, dynamic entertainment, multi degree of freedom precision machining, robot palletizer, mechanical lifting platform, automotive industry assembly press, automotive and power industry and other mechanical automation production lines, iron and steel metallurgy, powder metallurgy industry, electronic components, petrochemical industry, material handling, mold control, valve control, compact machine tool, medical machinery, food industry, electronic machinery, household appliances, welding equipment, solar photovoltaic industry and other fields.

    Our company has cooperation with many well-known universities and the military, which has also been recognized and supported by them. Welcome all the customers to come to inquire and order!

    Why choose "QIGU"

    01 Technical advantagesQIGU has a professional technical research and development team and marketing network

    QIGU continuous investment in technology research and development is higher than other automation companies. Therefore, our unremitting efforts in innovation have finally turned into the optimal solution for customers.

    02 Geographical advantageCentral China's golden coastline, transportation and logistics is very convenient.

    Modern logistics and distribution networks throughout the country, whether it is a single automation replacement or a complete system refurbishment, we are able to quickly supply and install automation equipment

    03 Quality advantageQIGU product quality is like life, to ensure that each one is a boutique.

    In the manufacturing process, quality assurance begins with contract review and continues throughout the planned and controlled process.

    04 Professional advantageAlways provide high quality products with professional manufacturing technology.

    For those consulting companies who want to get safe, flexible and reliable solutions from a full range of suppliers, Saki will be a partner you can trust.

    05 Qualification advantageIt has won unanimous praise from customers from all walks of life.

    Our quality management system is based on ISO 9001:2008 and meets national and international standards. All our manufacturing sites are certified to comply with this international standard.

    06 Service advantageA well-established customer base that regularly tracks the health of the equipment.

    We will manage the entire supply chain according to your needs, so that our sales and consulting activities can fully meet your business needs.

    Core concept

    QIGU provides servo electric cylinders and electric servo system
    Automation equipment
    The purpose of innovation is to create value for users;
    Everyone can innovate and everything can be innovative;
    Dare to break through, dare to try,
    Not afraid of failure, good at summing up.
    Responsible and efficient execution;
    Have the courage to take responsibility,
    Take the initiative to meet new tasks and challenges;
    Keep curiosity, keep learning, and strive for excellence
    Have an open and win-win attitude and share industry growth with partners;
    Have a big picture and be able to work with other teams.
    Work together to achieve goals; enjoy sharing professional knowledge and work experience, and grow with colleagues.
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