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    Common troubleshooting methods for automatic equipment

    Automation equipment with the continuous introduction of manufacturers, the majority of manufacturers of efficiency, cost reduction tools. Any one of the mechanical automation is all by the executive component, the sensor part, the controller part of the three parts, when the automatic machinery suddenly failure does not work, or work program derailment, be sure to do a good fault detection.

    Let's look at ways to diagnose automated mechanical faults from the three parts that make up a machine. Check all switching power supply, air source, hydraulic source for mechanical automation. Problems with power, air, and hydraulic sources often result in automated mechanical failures. For example, there are problems in the power supply system, including faults in the power supply system of the whole production workshop, such as low power supply, damaged fuse, poor contact of power cord plug, etc.; The air pump or hydraulic pump is not opened, the pneumatic triplex or the two couplets are not opened, the pressure valve or some pressure valves in the hydraulic transmission system are not opened.

    The inspection of automatic machinery shall include the following aspects: check the power supply, including the power supply of the power supply system of each machine and equipment and the power supply of the production workshop. Check air source, including air source required by pneumatic equipment. Check the working condition of hydraulic pumps including those necessary for automatic mechanical hydraulic devices. 2. Check the specific position of the sensor of the automatic machine for deviation. Due to the negligence of equipment maintenance and management staff, there may be some errors in the location of sensors, such as not working in place, common faults of sensors, common faults of sensitivity, etc. To often check the sensor sensor specific location and sensitivity, error timely adjustment, sensor if damaged, immediately disassembled. In addition, because of the vibration of automatic machinery, most of the sensors in the long-term application, are appear in the position of the state of loosening, so in the usual maintenance to check the specific position of the sensor is correct, is not placed firmly.

    3. Check the automatic mechanical relay, flow control valve, pressure control valve relay and magnetic induction type sensor, the long-term application will also appear the bonding condition, thus cannot ensure the normal control circuit of electrical equipment, must be replaced. In the pneumatic or hydraulic transmission system, throttle valve opening and pressure valve pressure adjustment yellow, will also appear with the vibration of the machine and equipment loose or drag. These equipment and sensors are the same, in the automatic machinery are all need to do the usual maintenance parts. 4. Check electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuit connections. If no other problems are encountered with the above three steps, check all control circuits. Find out if the wire in the power supply circuit is broken, especially if the wire in the slot is cut because it is involved in the groove. Check whether the windpipe has damaged creases. Check if hydraulic tubing is blocked. Remove and replace bronchi immediately if they have severe creases. The same hydraulic tubing needs to be replaced.
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